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How Writers Make Money is the definitive guide on how to get more freelance assignments and higher-paying projects, so you can turn your writing skills into a six-figure a year income 


Dear Writer,


You started freelance writing to earn money while working from home. The belief was that you could make a full-time living doing work you enjoy. You read about other freelance writers making over $100,000 a year, but you’re still struggling to find new clients, well-paying work, and interesting assignments. What do the six-figure writers know that you don’t?


It seems that whatever you do, you’re not getting the types of jobs that pay a good rate. Like most writers not only do you want to make enough to pay the bills, but you also want to set money aside for emergencies, vacations, or a new home.


You Can Achieve Your Dreams as a Writer


You already know the many benefits of freelance writing . . . work from home . . . get paid to write . . . sit in front of your computer every day . . .  wear whatever you want . . . create your own schedule . . . short commute . . .


This is why freelance writing is an ideal home business for people in various life situations – stay at home parents, retirees, students, people with disabilities, moonlighters, career changers, and the unemployed.


You have many dreams you hoped to achieve through writing, but you’re starting to feel that freelancing might not be the answer. Perhaps you’ve been thinking you may have to put freelance writing aside and get a job. But don’t get discouraged! You can make your writing business a true success.


How Writers Make Money will get you excited about freelance writing again.



What Stops You From Making $100,000 a Year?


Do you know what has prevented you from earning top dollar for your writing services?


Is it a lack of confidence in your abilities? Is it a fear of asking for higher rates? Is it not knowing how to find the hidden writing jobs that pay lucrative rates?


If high-paying writing assignments have eluded you, maybe it’s time you used different strategies to find paying jobs. Writing for well-known companies, getting enviable rates, and being paid in advance are all within your grasp. I should know. I am doing this right now in my own writing career.


I am qualified to show you where and how to find the writing jobs you may not be aware of. Because of this information, I am currently getting up to $250 for a 400 – 500-word blog post. I have worked with clients all over the United States and in foreign countries such as Germany, Australia, and Canada. I have published about five thousand articles on a wide range of topics. I have also been paid to write ads, sales pages, website copy, case studies, in-depth reports, buying guides, emails, social media posts, resumes, and press releases. Sometimes I have had so much work I had to outsource to other writers.


Well-paying freelance writing opportunities are everywhere. Successful writers know these jobs are actually easy to find once you know where to look. How Writers Make Money is your guide to earning a full-time living working part-time. Whether you’re new to writing, or mid-career, this book is for you.


Learn the Insider Secrets to a Six-Figure Income


Say goodbye to content mills, cheap clients, and scammers who don’t pay.


You know you work hard in your business. If you don’t yet have the results you want, you need to work in a new way using proven methods.  


How Writers Make Money will provide you with the incredible information you’ve been searching for. Once you learn these insider secrets, you can finally join the elite group of six-figure freelancers.


There are numerous writing jobs beyond content mills and small clients with one-off projects. Businesses of all sizes are desperate for ongoing content. These companies need your writing skills and many are willing to pay you great rates to do so.


How Writers Make Money lists over 200 businesses, platforms and strategies to get you all the writing work you can handle so you’re booked solid. With this guide, you can skyrocket your way to writing wealth.


Want to take control of your writing business and your income?


Worried about the Competition?


Yes, more people entering the writing industry every day, but there are also new businesses and established companies that require more and more content in various forms – blog posts, white papers, video scripts, ads, case studies, etc.


Even with so many writers available, the demand for writing services continues to climb, especially for GOOD writers. In fact, supply doesn’t meet the current demand. That creates a tremendous opportunity for you to stay busy year-round. No more feast or famine.


Although the marketplace is overcrowded with writers, you can still earn a living as a freelancer. Success means more than just writing ability. It also requires knowing how to attract the best clients and best-paying writing jobs. You want clients who will have ongoing work for you, who understand the importance of good writing, and budget and the willingness to pay well.


This book offers life-changing and surprising information that will help you to stop competing for jobs that pay a lowly $25 per post. That’s the level where most writers spend their time and energy. Once you start aiming for larger companies with larger budgets, you will actually have less competition as a writer. 


Start Making Money Right Away


If you want to learn how to get more clients and higher-paying assignments, the answers are in How Writers Make Money. This book takes your writing business to the next level, whether you’ve been freelancing for five months or five years.


You don’t have to “pay your dues” starting at a few cents per word. With the proven strategies in this book and your commitment to success, you can start making good money immediately.


My prediction is that within 30 – 60 days of reading this book, you’ll start earning the money you know is possible. As a winner in life, you want to keep working towards your dreams and not give up. Knowledge is the key to exponential growth.


In How Writers Make Money you will discover. . .

►A little-known way to get lucrative writing projects with little or no competition

►A list of companies hiring full-time remote writers and how to find others

►The best tips for succeeding on bidding sites like Upwork and making great money

►The fastest way to create a writing sample if you don’t have one

►The best passive ways to find new clients

►The one occasion you should write for free

►Best social media network for finding clients and how to use the site effectively

►The secret to a successful freelance writing business

►Five things you need to get started as a writer, and three things you don’t need

►The writing projects that pay $1,500 to $15,000 per assignment

► Why you don’t need luck to succeed as a freelance writer

► Dozens of free ways to market your writing services

►How to write letters that get companies to hire you

►The best marketing methods for finding new clients

►Where and how to make $1+ a word

►60+ writing opportunities you may not have considered

►Writing job boards you don’t know about

► The many ways to make six-figures a year from your writing

►Six tips for applying for and getting writing jobs

►And so much more. . .


Take Action Today and Get $20 Off


You will buy this book only if you are ready to earn a higher income as a writer, and are ready to put in the effort. So what will it cost for you to learn where and how to get lucrative writing jobs? What are you willing to pay to start earning up to $2,000+ per week in writing assignments?


The regular price of How Writers Make Money is an affordable $47 – and that is what the book will sell for early next year. But for the launch of this new book, the bargain price is just $27. You can easily make this money back with your very first well-paying assignment.




     This is a well-written and very informative book. I learned new ways to make money as a writer. I have already recommended this book to a few of my writer friends. Great job.”

        – Catherine B., NYC, therapist and writer



Use How Writers Make Money  Risk-Free for 90 Days


And best of all …I am so confident you will find this book a valuable resource for increasing your writing income, that I offer a money-back guarantee.


If you are dissatisfied with How Writers Make Moneyfor any reason, just let me know within 90 days. I will promptly refund your payment in full. No questions asked. This 100 percent money-back guarantee makes reviewing the book risk-free.


Once you purchase How Writers Make Money on the secure order page, you’ll get the book within a few minutes. You can start looking for better-paying jobs immediately.


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Start thriving as a freelance writer today. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


To your writing success,
Louise Lloyd-Thomas

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